Custom Programs

Casa Thomas Jefferson is uniquely positioned to provide language/culture immersion programs for American students and professionals with the highest standards.  The extent of our resources, our proven expertise in foreign language teaching, the breadth of our institutional relationships, the strength of our brand and reputation in Brasilia, our strong ties to and support received from the US State Department make it possible for us to customize the BPP experience to meet the needs of groups from different institutions and with different academic/professional interests regarding Brazil and the Portuguese language.

We invite interested US institutions of higher education to enter into conversations with us as to how we may partner to make this exciting study-abroad opportunity available to their students and other members of their communities.  We are open to cooperating with partner institutions’ faculty members and academic departments in customizing the program schedule and curriculum to satisfy institutional requirements that might allow for the granting of credit to students who participate, for example.

For further information about BPP Custom Programs and to request a proposal, please, contact: