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Casa Thomas Jefferson (CTJ), the largest Binational Center in Brazil, stands for a tradition of over 50 years of excellence in English Language Teaching (ELT) and cultural programs in Brasília, DF. We are now also proud to present CTJ’s Brazilian Portuguese Program (BPP), a new and exciting opportunity for college students and professionals seeking to learn Brazilian Portuguese as a non-native language. The program is offered in two versions:

Semester Course

The ‘Semester Course’ provides weekly classes in periods of one semester for non-native Portuguese speakers residing in Brasilia.

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Custom Programs

The ‘Custom Programs’ option is available to US educational institutions seeking customized, short-term, and faculty-led programs tailored to their students’ needs.

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We invite you to learn more about the BPP and to join us in Brasilia for an unforgettable Portuguese learning experience in the amazing capital of Brazil.


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You are likely to see the bluest sky ever. If you are lucky, you can see colorful “Ipês” that award the city with beautiful flowers and the different hues of red and orange at sunset.

Bar Beirute

If you are a looking for a place to have a chat with friends, go to Beirute (Asa Sul or Asa Norte). You’ll also have incredibly cold beer and tasty food.